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Crash Tested Dog Crates – How Important Are They?

If you’re in the market for a dog crate, chances are you’re still in the stage of doing your research and you’re looking for what’s best for you.

It goes without saying that price is probably a large factor, and as I’m sure you’ve realised a good quality dog crate doesn’t come cheap.

The large variance comes with whether the crate has been crash tested. And whilst you’re aware what this means, how important is it?

Is it worth saving yourself some money to get a crate that hasn’t been crash tested? Does untested mean the crate is necessarily bad?

All excellent questions, all of which will be answered in this post. Read on!

Why Buy a Crate?

While I’m sure you’re all excellent drivers and are highly unlikely to be involved in a crash, should the unthinkable happen protection for you and your pets is surely paramount.

Using a travel crate for your pet whilst going on journeys is unequivocally the best way to achieve the highest level of safety for your pet, over using something like a hardness which leaves your pet both unprotected and tethered which can increase risk.

And on top of this, using a crate that has been crash tested is the best way to ensure that should you get into an accident, you know that your pet is receiving proven protection. For me, that always go before money.

But using a crate has further benefits beyond the obvious safety that you may not have realised.

Less Mess

Dog Crate Saves Mess

At the end of the day, dogs are still animals. Whilst they’ve an irreplaceable addition to any family, I think we can all agree they’re also good at making a mess.

Whether it’s through overexcitement and having an accident, or bad behaviour and chewing their way through something important, it’s bound to happen.

That’s not even to mention how muddy and dirty they get on a good day out, which will inevitably end up all over your seats that you’ll later have to scrub out.

However, some dog crates (ours included) come with a removable water-resistant base that makes cleaning up any messes a doddle.

And so long as you look for a good, durable crate then it’s highly unlikely your canine companion will ever be able to gnaw his way through.

Avoiding Distractions

In addition to it being a lawful obligation to have your pet suitably restrained during journeys, having a crate for your pet whilst travelling makes it a whole lot safer to have your pet in the car with you.

1 in 3 dog owners admitted to getting distracted by their dog whilst driving, while a further 64% admitted to engaging in potentially distracting pet related activity.

We get they’re good boys, and deserves all the pats. We just advise that you wait until you’re not barrelling down the motorway with lives at risks. Buy a crate.

Protect Your Pooch

If the unthinkable should happen, and you’re unfortunate enough to get into an accident, then your furry companion is going to rattle around the inside of your car like the last tic tac in the box.

Whilst it may seem immediately unappealing, the protection a crate offers your dog is paramount for if you do happen to get into an accident.

 It will not only help protect from the impact of the accident but keep them rooted and stop them bouncing around the interior.

Safe Haven for Dogs

 A Safe Haven

If your pooch is taught to love his crate through positive reinforcement, then it becomes their own private safe haven to get away from everything when they need it.

Being that dogs are natural den animals, it’s easy to properly crate train a dog.

Crate v Harness

A raging debate between price, practicality and purpose. Much with what was mentioned earlier in the post about the safety measures a crate provides, a harness is fine for restraining your pet whilst travelling.

It doesn’t provide the same level of protection as a crate however, nor will it serve as a personal respite from everything should your dog need it.

Which leaves the decision up to you, you need to ask yourself: What are you buying the crate for?

Crash Tested Crates – Is It Essential?

In short, no. Buying a crate that has been scientifically crash-tested isn’t essential, of course.

And just because a crate hasn’t been crash tested, doesn’t mean it won’t hold up in the event of a crash.

But, if you’ve made the decision to buy a dog crate, how sure do you want to be that your pet will be protected in the event of an emergency?

Many people are hesitant about buying a crate that has been crash tested due to the military looking design of them, along with the hefty price tag.

At Pet World, that’s not us. We stripped back on the aesthetics to save you money. All our cages are made from reinforced high-carbon steel which have been crash tested to ensure safety.

We just don’t have the price tag along with it.

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