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Petworld Cages Alternatives: Mimsafe, Transk9, or Barjo?

It’s a conundrum we here at Petworld Cages come across, how do we transport our furry friend safely? Moreover, while safety is first and foremost, it’s important to consider comfort, ease of use, and price too. Although, it’s rare to find a cage that incorporates all of the above.

Well, that’s about to change. Here at Petworld, we’ve created a cage that will keep your pet and your purse safe. In fact, our mission is to make you and your furry friend’s journey as safe and secure as possible.

At Petworld we’ve helped thousands of people (and pets) make their journeys joyous. Let us do the same for you too! We offer top-notch pet safety solutions at prices you won’t believe. Ultimately, why compromise on price or quality when you can have both?

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Why choose Petworld Cages?

With Petworld, the safety you need is available at the prices you’d want. Likewise, we believe top-notch safety shouldn’t mean bank busting prices that other companies charge. We’re here to prove you can really get the best of both. Below you’ll find a comparison chart showing our product compared with our competitors. Given that our products are similar, you’ll see why we’re superior.

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Emergency Escape HatchYesYesYesYes
Comfort MatYesNoNoNo

Based upon BMW 2 Series comparison

Petworld Cages vs Mimsafe:

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Compared to Mimsafe, as the ratings suggest, Petworld delivers a higher-rated service at a much cheaper price. Likewise, both cages have an emergency escape hatch while Petworld benefits from a comfort mat (comfort is king in our opinion).

  • Petworld Cages are rated higher than Mimsafe while being a fraction of the cost
  • Petworld Cages benefits from next working day delivery so you can get the product you want when you need
  • Both products offer solutions to safely and securely transport your pet
Snapshot from reviews:

Mimsafe: “Multiple problems with delivery, initially only one item received. took an additional three deliveries over a week to get everything.” (Review left on Facebook)

Petworld: “The service was absolutely brilliant! We ordered it on Thursday and it was delivered on Friday with no charge for postage.” (Review left on Trustpilot)


Ultimately, if you’re looking for an incredible product without the price tag to match – Petworld Cages is the way forward.

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Petworld Cages vs Transk9

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In fairness, Transk9 are the highest rated of the four examples given. However, they have a price tag to match. Although, for an extra 0.2* rating you’re paying 5x the price. They both have the features you’d expect with lockable doors and escape exits. Whereas, Transk9 charge £49 for delivery, with Petworld it’s free next working day.

  • Transk9 are rated higher, but their like for like BMW 2 Series cage is 5x the price
  • Both companies are reputable which is reflected in their ratings
  • Both cages have the features you’d expect to ensure your pet is kept safe
  • Petworld offers free next working day delivery whereas Transk9 charges £49
Snapshot from reviews:

Transk9: “We’ve just taken delivery of our second transit box from TransK9 for our Peugeot 3008 as we were so impressed with the first.”

Petworld: “I have previously ordered from this company a few years ago but now downsized from a double crate to a single and so glad I went back to them again. Excellent service. Would definitely recommend.” (Review left on Trustpilot)


Both companies are well respected and offer top-notch products with the service to match. However, Petworld offers all of this at a fraction of the price.

Petworld Cages vs Barjo

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Barjo cages take approx 14 weeks to order and cost around £25 to deliver. Alongside Mimsafe they have the lowest rating, so they prove that paying through the nose can sometimes be the dog’s dinner. Both cages facilitate easy fold-down storage, have escape exits, and offer lockable doors. However, Petworld Cages does all of this while also offering an unrivaled price.

  • Based upon the reviews, Barjo proves that a top tier price tag doesn’t always mean a superior service
  • Both cages come with the features that you’d expect
  • Petworld offers free next working day delivery whereas with Barjo you pay £25 & order weeks in advance
Snapshot from reviews:

Barjo: “Great guards, awful customer service. Its a shame they seem to be the only UK company to make tailgate guards. Even though you are advised it will take 7 weeks, this is way too long to have to wait and unfortunately because nobody else makes them you can’t go anywhere else.
For the price they should be easier to fit, after all how many people have a pop rivet gun, so there is the added expense of getting someone else to fit it , also having to , as instructed, re drill holes is ridiculous , why cant you just drill them bigger before sending the guard out.
” (Review left on Trustpilot)

Petworld: “Smashing cage arrived but sadly I had not measured hatch depth correctly!! Swapped for slightly smaller cage which arrived with defects! Swapped again and all is well! Very well made cages but even better the communications! David and the team were super helpful and friendly , thank you once again.” (Review left on Trustpilot)


Barjo offers a good quality product but at several times the price of Petworld. Moreover, they require ordering weeks in advance and charge for delivery. Whereas the latter offer delivery next-working-day for free.


All in all, as you can see from the above comparison charts, reviews and explanations that Petworld Cages is the only company offer a quality product, service and price. Out of the four selected, only one has a slightly higher rating (PW 4.7* / K9 4.9*) but their price is several times as much. With all the same features and benefits, we’re confident that we offer the best product at an unbeaten price. Don’t believe us yet? In fact, here’s 8 reasons why to trust us to transport your pet.

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8 Undeniable Reasons To Pick Petworld:

  1. Quality) At Pet World our reputation proceeds’ us, we combine market-leading products with expert knowledge. We’re trusted by some of the leading dog handlers in the UK, so you can buy with confidence
  2. Price) As you’ve seen above we cannot be beaten on price, offering an unrivaled product and service at a price you’ll not believe.
  3. Returns Policy) Don’t worry, if you order the wrong cage, we’ll get it sorted
  4. Best Value) Additionally, all the products come with all the features and benefits you’d expect from a top-quality product at a price you can’t match
  5. Easy Installation) Gone are the days where you’d take hours to set up your cage, ours are so quick you’ll be on the road in minutes
  6. Maintenance) Any accidents are easy to clean with our water-resistant removable base
  7. Service) From order confirmation to arrival at your door, we are here to help every step of the way. Additionally, if you think there’s something we can improve on let us know!
  8. Ethical Selling) We aim to get your order right, the first time, every time. Likewise, we’ll never match you to a product that isn’t perfect for you and your pooch. Need impartial advice? Give us a call!

Final thoughts:

Here at Petworld, we believe that we offer the best of everything. Consequently, why compromise on quality to save money or get a better product at twice the price. With us, we offer the best of both. Get on board today, click here and check out our range of cages here now.