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Custom Pet Crates for Cars

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How to Correctly Install your Pet World Hatchback Dog Crate

This guide will be helpful to you whether you have one of our unique and highly rated pet world hatchback dog crates or if you are simply interested in purchasing one as it highlights how incredibly quick and easy it is to assemble the crate within your vehicle.

Benefits of Pet World Crates

Before we get started, let us take a look at the benefits of our hatchback dog crates.

Firstly, our folding car dog crate is specifically designed for hatchback cars. The unique and brilliant design of the cage perfectly fits the dimensions of your boot. This enables you to maximise space and comfort for your pet.

Most importantly, our dog crates guarantee absolute safety. They have been rigorously stress and impact tested. They are manufactured with high carbon steel for strength and stability, they also implement an emergency escape hatch at the top of the cage should it ever be required.

As well as being strong and reliable, you can also fold the hatchback crate flat for easy storage as well as easy assembly. These are just a few of the many benefits of our collection of hatchback crates, now we can take a look at how to quickly and easily assemble them in our vehicle.

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Assembling Dog Crate

The first step is to place the hatchback crate inside your boot space. You should place the dog crate into the boot while it is still flat. If you build the crate and then try to place it into the boot, it’s likely that it won’t fit or will be a struggle to squeeze into the boot space.

pet world dog crate, boot, hatchback dog cage

You can now start assembling the crate within the boot. Start by lifting up the front of the crate and then lift the back.

Once you have the front and the back of the crate lifted, it will then allow you to lift the sides and the crate should then be able to stand on its own.

You can now fit the top of the cage (emergency hatch) into place and begin the quick process of clipping in the sides in order to secure the cage.

pet world pet cage, hatchback travel crate

The last stage of the process is to clip the cage together using the hooks shown in the images above. The hooks are already built into the cage, you simply need to push the cage together into place. Some light force may be required.

We don’t suggest taking the cover off the dogs comfort mat until you’re satisfied that the crate is the right size for your vehicle and that your dog will fit be able to fit and feel comfortable within the crate.

It’s really that simple, you can be finished assembling the cage in less than five minutes and be straight off on your travels and adventures with your dog comfortable secured in the back.

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  1. Hello I have a Kia ceed 2016, and a Weimaraner puppy who is only 6 months abd already 23 lg expected the get to around 35-40 kg will your Kia ceed hatch back model cage fit her or will I have to look for something bigger with the backseats down?
    Thanks in desperate help as she’s anxious in the car and barks at everyone

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