Volkswagen Golf MK7 2012 Onward Car Dog Crate – Dog Travel Crate


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Pet World VOLKSWAGEN GOLF MK7 2012 ONWARD Car Dog Cage

Our folding car dog cage is suitable for the VOLKSWAGEN GOLF MK7 2012 ONWARD. The unique design of the Pet World cage helps it fit the dimensions of your boot, allowing it to fill the space and maximise the room and comfort for your pet. Each of these cages is uniquely designed for your car, guaranteeing a perfect fit, and eliminating the wasted space you get with other cages.

Each cage has been tested on the particular make and model of car that it is being sold for, to give you the ultimate peace of mind when purchasing a Pet World cage.

We can guarantee absolute safety when using our cages. Each cage is made from high carbon steel, finished in a powder coating, and features an emergency escape hatch on the top of the cage should it ever be required.

Each cage comes with a Pet World comfort guaranteed mat for your pet, making their cage home and giving them a place all of their own to retire to whenever they need it.

Our cages are designed with the comfort and safety of your dogs in mind, and we can assure you that these are the best.

Key Points
• Designed for this particular make and model of car
• Lightweight, impact-resistant zinc-coated steel cage
• Folds flat for easy storage, and easy assembly
• Single sliding door for ease of access, secured with a bolt
• Removable and stain-resistant waterproof base for easy cleaning
• Free Pet World comfort guaranteed mat
• Emergency escape hatch

• Width: 915mm (36.02 inches)
• Depth at base: 615mm (24.21 inches)
• Depth at top: 305mm (12 inches)
• Height: 635mm (25 inches)
• Weight: 11kg

*Please note these values are approximate and may vary slightly.
Compare the dimensions, listed above, against your vehicle and pet/s to ensure fitting and comfort. Check your pet/s height while they are sitting down.
Some cages require assembly from inside the boot space.

Additional information

Weight 11 kg
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5 reviews for Volkswagen Golf MK7 2012 Onward Car Dog Crate – Dog Travel Crate

  1. Graeme M. (verified owner)

    The Golf mk7 version is too tight a fit to go through the hatch opening assembled so it has to be assembled in the boot which is a real fiddle about. It means the crate has to be flattened in the boot before removal too. This is very inconvenient when travelling and having to take the crate indoors for the dog to sleep in overnight. Disappointing considering it is such an expensive crate and £10 dearer than the standard crate which looks to be the same size as the one made for the Golf mk7. I noticed a previous review said the crate fitted perfectly with the boot floor lowered but the Pet World website shows the boot floor in the “normal” level which I’m sure most owners would want so as not to have to lift their dog over a deep lip.

  2. Chris P (verified owner)

    I bought this Mark 7 Crate for my 2022 Mark 8 and am pleased to confirm it does fit.
    It is however, a very close fit (no wasted boot space though) and has to be assembled within the car.

    Tip: If the rear seats are folded forward first it makes assembly very much easier.
    Once assembled the crate can be pulled back into position and the rear seats returned to vertical.
    Tip: I used a couple of large bulldog clips to hold the Sides vertical whilst folding the Back & Top into position.
    Tip: Make sure the crate is fully pushed against the rear seats and centered to avoid fouling the closure of the tailgate.

    Note: The crate can be used either with the boot floor in upper or lower position BUT… the crate slopes backwards (on the Mk8) when in the lower position due to the shape of the floor in this position. The upper position is far better as it is level and also gives the dog a better view out avoiding travel sickness.

    Important Note: (And note to manufacturer if relevant) When the sliding crate door is fully open it protrudes to the left of the crate and fouls the tailgate of the Mark 8 Golf which bends the crate door and could damage the car. A design review of the door width vs. opening and addition door stop may be something the manufacturer may wish to consider (unless this isn’t an issue on the Mark 7).

    Tip: I attached a yellow zip tie to the end vertical bar of the door which extends over the edge of the tailgate opening as a reminder that the cage door is open.

    Notwithstanding the abovementioned relatively minor issue (on the Mark 8 Golf at least!) it is an extremely well made crate in all respects and good value for money based on my purchase price of £119.90.

    Please Note: This review is for thr Mark 8 Golf using a Mark 7 crate and some of my comments may not be relevant as a result of this.

  3. Richard Townsend (verified owner)

    If it was a little bit taller,wider and longer it would have alouded my gsd to turn around, stand up straight and lay down, didn’t need to be a slant back cage.

  4. Richard Scott (verified owner)

    Absolutely brilliant. Fits my 2015 Golf perfectly. Really easy to assemble, took me less than 3 minutes. Very sturdy and excellent value for money. “Banjo” my Australian Kelpie is very happy!

    Image #1 from Richard Scott
  5. John Deady (verified owner)

    Having a Kong Crate costing the same money, I can compare and say the quality of this car cage is very poor. It is a struggle to fit in my mk 7 golf so apart from the poor quality the design is flawed. The bed provided is totally useless. To be honest, I would return this item if I had time but I need it this weekend but it not worth the money.

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