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how to measure boot for dog cage

How to Measure your Boot for a Pet World Crate

At Pet World, we do our best to ensure we test our products in as many cars as possible. Unfortunately, as there are so many new cars being released every year, it’s hard to keep up. Additionally, we always recommend measuring your boot dimensions before purchasing one of our cages to ensure it will fit.

Even though we offer simple exchanges if the crate does not fit, it is still better to get it right first time. In this article, we will show you how to measure your boot dimensions to ensure your cage is the perfect fit. It is important to note that the parcel shelf must be removed to offer the best fit for your cage and enough ventilation for your pet.

Types of Pet World Crates


Our hatchback crates are expertly designed to fit the typical angles of these smaller boot spaces. The sloped back allows them to fit with the incline of the rear seats, allowing for optimal space for your four-legged friend.

The crate is lightweight and features a sliding door and emergency escape hatch to allow for easy entry and removal of your dog, especially in emergencies. The crate must be assembled within the boot space and its simple design means you can use it outside your car such as in your home or office.

Estate and 4×4

Our estate cages are designed to fit the larger, saloon boot dimensions. They feature a unique design to fit with the wider angles of the boot space and have two swinging doors at the front and an escape hatch on the top. The removable centre partition means you can easily separate two dogs giving them their own personal space.

The cage is made of robust powder coated steel that offers a sleek and high-quality finish. These cages can be assembled outside the boot and can be easily inserted and removed.

How to Measure your Boot

Ensuring you measure your boot accurately means you will be able to choose the perfect crate for your car. It is important you follow these steps precisely to prevent your measurements being incorrect. A couple millimeters off and your crate may not fit.

1) Narrowest Width

Your first step is to identify the narrowest width of your boot. The images below demonstrate the narrowest width of two different boots. If your boot has wheel arches, it’s important you take these into account and measure between them as this will be the maximum width your crate can be.


2) Narrowest Depth at Base

The depth of the base should be measured from the bottom of the boot sill to the base of the rear seats. Many boots are the same depth all the way across, however, it is still important to take this measurement from the shallowest part.

If your boot has a flat boot sill, please measure from the start of the interior of the boot and do not include the boot catch. The rear seats should be in their upwards position and not folded down.


Incorrect Depth

This image demonstrates how the depth of the boot was measured incorrectly, all other measurements were perfect however it could not fit into the boot well.

3) Height of Boot

The height is best taken from the center of the boot floor to the center of the roof. If your boot is particularly narrow (under 860mm) and roof is low (under 580mm) please take into consideration where the top edges of the cage will sit. Once you have identified a crate that may fit, you can double check these measurements.


Incorrect Height

As demonstrated in this image, the height of the center of the boot is perfect for the size of the crate. Unfortunately, the sloped edges of the roof were not taken into consideration and the crate is slightly too big so the side walls cannot raise fully.

4. Width at Top (4×4/Estate Only)

The width at the top of the boot is measured to ensure the edges of our 4×4 crates fit perfectly. The image shows how this measurement needs to be taken. If you know which crate you think will fit your car, it is always best to mark out the height of where that crate will sit and you can then identify if the top edges will fit.


The Final Step

So now you’ve learned how to measure your boot, it’s time to get the tape measure out! Once you’ve got your measurements, and triple checked them, you can head over to our Crate Calculator. We’ve made this tool so it is super easy to find which crate will be the perfect fit. Simply enter your measurements and it will recommend the right one for you.

What if I don’t get a recommendation?

Unfortunately, our crates will not fit every car and sometimes the crate calculator will not give you a recommendation. However, if this happens, feel free to send over your dimensions to and our expert team will be happy to double check this for you and see if we can find a solution.

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